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We are construction management consultants who scaled More Than 1000 Companies That Were Doing Under $2 Million to 10x Height.

96% of companies fail, is it smart for you to try to do this on your own?
At Profit Consulting Company, Leo, a construction management consultant comes with a massive experience in taking businesses to 10x heights with over 40 years of experience as a business analyst. He is a master in creating business blueprints that are designed to be aggressive and bulldoze your competition out of your way so you can be in-charge of your future. In his 40 year career Leo has probed, scrutinized and redesigned more than 1000 companies that were doing under $2 million in revenue, today they are doing more than $5M, $10M, or $20 million in yearly revenue. Contact us today!
Our CEO-construction business consultant

Who We Are?

We have been business analysts for over 39 years. At Profit Consulting Company, we probed and scrutinized thousands of companies in the construction, restaurant, automotive and countless more industries. Do you know that 96% of these businesses fail. The reason being, most of these companies do not have abreast of business plan and some enter without even having an accurate strategy.
Note that, most of the companies that fail, do have a business plan yet lack in expertise and precise execution.
We methodically design an idiomatic management consulting program which will help your company excel.

Our processes of business reengineering
Our processes of business reengineering

What We Do?

Profit Consulting Company Business Management delivers immediate and effective solutions to your pressing management needs, providing an extremely important strategic resource for your business. We help your business to accommodate fluctuating demands without being over-sized during quiet times.
We enable you to benefit from definite skillfulness and experiences as per the need. We enable your existing team to develop required skills that are essential as per the current business scenario while ensuring effective utilization of your budget.

How We Do It?

  • Scheduling a pro-bono virtual meeting with a proprietor.
  • We assess your company top & bottom to understand what it’s doing and what it’s missing and further what improvements are required.
  • Our findings will help you have a helicopter view of your company’s performance.
  • The Profit Consulting Company approach will help you adapt a required company culture, have an accurate entrepreneurial vision and execute the futurist strategies.
  • We will help you implement a proven system that has already transformed thousands of businesses generating them millions in the process.
  • We will help you improve your company’s productivity by enhancing your company’s overall team and their individual skill sets.
Our processes of business reengineering
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