We are consultant management consultants who help construction businesses to scale 10x.

Business consulting to leads, sales and customer retention. We focus on the bigger picture.

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We Scaled More Than 1000 Companies That Were Doing Under $2 Million to 10x Height.

96% of companies fail, is it smart for you to try to do this on your own?

Our CEO-construction business consultant
Leo comes with a massive experience in the construction consulting business, taking businesses to 10x heights with over 40 years of experience as a business analyst. He is a master in creating business blueprints that are designed to be aggressive and bulldoze your competition out of your way so you can be in-charge of your future.

In his 40 year career Leo has probed, scrutinized and redesigned more than 1000 companies that were doing under $2 million in revenue, today they are doing more than $5M, $10M, or $20 million in yearly revenue.

How It Works

We help you consistently meet and exceed your goals.

Our process
Our process

What My Clients Says

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“My dad and my uncle have been working with Leo and his people for over 20 years. My dad says, that relationship has allowed my dad to go from struggling to now the company works for him. My dad and my uncle finally have the quality of life that they been trying to develop for the past 40 years thanks to Leo and his construction consulting company. That may sound trivial to an outsider. Imagine not having the worries of whether or not you can maintain your quality of life? It’s for those reasons, I started working with Leo’s team and I’m looking for the same results.

If you finally want to get your business to the next level? I would suggest you have a conversation with Leo.”

Susan Waters

Founding Partner – WarmCozyCozy.com

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“In times of crisis it’s easy to see who are the leaders in the construction business consultancy field and who are the sheep. Today, I’m extremely grateful in this time of crisis to have some great leaders that can see through the brick walls or barriers in front of us. It’s when the chips are down that the leaders stand up. Leo and his team have been true inspirations for us and a great source of confidence to get us through this mess. I’m very confident that we will arrive on the other side of this much stronger.

If you have a chance to work with profit consulting company, I would strongly suggest it”

Eric Powers

Owner – Condominium tower renovations

Helping You Take Control

End-to-end coaching for business owners & Startups.

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Business Process Re-engineering

Business process reengineering (BPR) is an elemental redesign process. It is used to achieve striking improvements in significant aspects of your business like quality, speed, service, output and cost. We, at our construction business consultancy, help you map your existing business processes and provide a tailored solution to cut down operating costs and redundancies on a large scale.

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Marketing & Sales Coaching

Marketing can sometimes feel like a blend of creative and emotional dark magic. Then it gets technical. Marketing is time-consuming, absurd, costly and annoyingly difficult. We become your partner in business development. The first step is always to get a clear understanding of your current situation. Together, we break the situation down into what’s urgent and important. We address the urgencies first, to make space to focus on what’s important. Then we chart out a plan that makes sense for you and your construction business.

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Sell my Business Coaching

We help you scale your business to $20 million in annual revenue and this is where sell my construction business coaching kicks in, it is customized to the needs of business owners who are looking to sell their business after scaling it to a certain height and want to ensure that they get the most value for their business.

First Step to Better Results

Generally, the first thing we do after a coffee zoom call is a detailed forensic analysis of your business to determine the inefficiencies in your processes that are holding you back. We help you develop the right mindset and expose you to a community of 50+ highly successful business owners who have already scaled their business to annual revenue of $20+ million.

“I had Leo come to analyze my business for a few days this week. I enjoyed all of it, especially the bad because of course, that’s why he’s there. It’s like having a Yoda as someone to help you navigate you through what can be better about your business; but most importantly how to get your business on a rocket to success. I’ll elaborate more as the process continues, and am looking forward to it.”

Mark McSherry

Owner – Markelangelo’s Roofing

Our construction consultancy employees

What We Have Done For Our Clients In Last 6 Months

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We’ve helped a roofing company triple their workforce, redesign the company culture and at the same time helped them transition from offline to online.

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Higher revenue from digital
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We’ve helped a custom home builder improve their online presence and established a system to get emotional video reviews. Video reviews are the next level of reviews and a lot more efficient at getting more clients.

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Organic reviews generated
Our construction consultancy's employee

We’ve helped six companies develop a better online presence to build trusted relationships with future potential clients.

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Sales increase with the same ad spend

Some Clients We Work With

Are You Ready To Transform Your Business?

✔️ Through our CEO Club program, we expose you to a community of 50+ highly successful business owners who have already achieved the success that you anticipate with your business. CEO Club is the fastest and the cheapest way to supercharge your success.

✔️ We bring to you both business management consultation and business coaching with the focus on strategic engagements versus strategic consultation. Once we are familiar with your business and engaged in it we can provide tactical consultation as required.

✔️ Our business consulting services and coaching supports start-ups and existing small enterprises that have a business number. We guide you and take your business further ahead of the idea phase.

✔️ We work directly with business owners to understand your specific goals and challenges to help you choose the right solutions for your business to ensure continued long-term success.

What We Discuss On Our
First Coffee Zoom Call

Starting at

How to Identify and eliminate redundancies in you business.

Tips on how to find and retain quality tradespeople.

Real, practical marketing advice

Quick tips to increase customer acquisition, lead and sales

How to convert your website to a full time sales-person

A solid plan to dominate google search results.

Let’s Supercharge Your Growth

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